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Everything for everyone

This is an invitation:

To be together with us every Monday at 8 p.m. at your window, to play this jingle loud and show your solidarity!

We are your neighbours, we are your colleagues, we are the people sitting in the tram with you. The pandemic has changed the lives of everyone. Many of us in this situation are afraid, many are completely alone, many have their existence threatened – The pandemic concerns everyone in some form or another. It makes our society’s contradictions all the more apparent and even intensifies them. We have fear of what has already come and fear of what could come. We do not want to let ourselves become paralysed with fear, rather we take action. To that end, this is an invitation to do something together, to practise solidarity, and to empower yourself.

Come to your window every Monday at 8 p.m.!

We have respect –
In light of the pandemic, we have a great respect for all the people pushing their limits to help others. Care workers, social workers, logistics employees, and all people — paid and unpaid — who perform society’s essential work. We demand no applause for these people, rather real recognition and material compensation.

We take care of each other –
With pressure from the State and society to stay at home, violence against women, queers, and children continues and is on the rise worldwide. For many people their home was not and is not a safe place. We do not tolerate that something could happen to our neighbours. We are here for anyone who is currently suffering under the current conditions.

We remain resistant –
The government and its crisis management is not to be trusted. They are concerned primarily with the economy and — as always — respond with surveillance, repression, and a false feeling of unity in the nation. They know and are capable of nothing else. The military and police in the streets, drones over our heads, surveillance apps in our pockets, and at the same time a full ban on the right to demonstrate. We see with both our eyes open how our basic rights, with a click of a finger, can be swept aside. We will not bow to that.

We have space —
Many do not know whether they can pay their rent long term. Regarding those experiencing homelessness, those with refugee status, and incarcerated people — in order to stay home, people need a safe home. There’s enough space in hotels and Airbnb accommodations, as well as in the newly built lofts and all the evicted apartments.
Furthermore the hygienic and medical conditions in the prisons and camps are miserable. We demand the dissolution of prisons and camps — in the country and at Europe’s external frontiers. We demand the opening of the apartments and hotels. They should be made available to those in need.

We are done —
While schools and kindergartens are shut, the factories remain open. While we are not allowed on the street, many continue to toil in logistics and call centers. International corporations are accommodated by the government with economic stimulus, while dissenting union members are fired. We demand: stop it! We demand closure of all non-vital companies, and respect for health standards in all open companies. Wage compensation and rescue packages not for the rich but for the workers. A good life and enough money for everyone — whether with or without work.

We do not pay —
While many people live in poverty and do not know how to make ends meet, others own real estate and money in the millions. We are all facing a global economic crisis, which, as always, will be carried out on the back of society: even before Corona, the fragile economic system was heading towards a collapse. The pandemic has only accelerated this development. For the state’s profit the health system was supported less and less financially – now it collapses under the pandemic. We have to pay for that now too. It is time to demand that the rich pay! If they don’t give their money voluntarily, they will be expropriated!

We’re here for each other —
We concern ourselves with our neighbours and others. We do not let ourselves become separate and isolated. We come together and support each other, whether physically or emotionally. Pay attention to your community members, speak with them, show others that you are here for them.

We are boundless —
When the governments speak of solidarity, they always mean only solidarity with the own nation. Worldwide, States are snatching away important medical supplies from each other. Worldwide people are locked out at the external frontiers, and the people inside the borders are locked within. In the depths of the state apparatus, fascist networks wait for their moment to seize political power. When we come to our windows — when we try in our communities, quarters, and houses, to become collective — then it is always with the knowledge: our solidarity knows no borders.
From Wuhan to Bergamo, from Chiapas to Rojava, from Leipzig to Johannesburg.

Come to your window every Monday at 8 p.m.!

We are angry and we don’t want to go back —
We want the pandemic to be brought under control. But we do not want everything to be as before.
The crisis is called Corona and it is global — the catastrophe behind this and all crises is called capitalism and is likewise global. It is inherently unequal, competitive, exploitative, and oppressive. Let’s end it!

We are courageous and shake the foundations of the world —
We strive for a society in which to live, where we can be truly free and equal, in which it plays no role where or how someone was born. A society in which everyone can live healthfully and safely, receiving everything they need.

This is an invitation to you —
Every Monday at 8 p.m. we will be at the windows. Join us!
Hang banners out of your window! Be loud, put your speakers on the window sill, and play this Jingle, so that it resounds many times down the street. Swing into action with us and others — a society in solidarity is possible!

Everything for everyone!